Florida Hempfest 2019 welcomes The Dapper Doughnut as one of our official 2019 event Sponsors.

About The Dapper Doughnuts

If you have ever been served a hot-fresh doughnut, you’ll never forget it! It might be years later, but the taste and memories come rushing back and you want another one. That’s how our story began for our CEO and co-founder, Mark Publicover.

Mark, like most young people, had a job learning the lessons of responsibility - his was a paper route. Mark and his fellow paperboys would throw their route and then meet at Maple Leaf Donuts in San Jose, California. It was there they experienced the unique hot fresh doughnut. Mark never forgot that taste and the freshness of the doughnuts served up at this local donut shop still in business today.

Many years later Mark was given an opportunity to invest in a startup called, The Dapper Doughnut. The memories came flooding back. The name said it all, Doughnuts with style. The brand was created with the doughnut and a bow tie. The store would have at the center the making of mini-doughnuts served hot and fresh. With the help of the original team, the first stores were opened and began serving to our customers the same experience that Mark and his friends had many years ago.

Dapper continues to grow and evolve with the addition of experienced management, great team members and a growing concept that has fresh new gourmet toppings, an extended beverage line, and soft serve frozen desserts. We believe the future is bright at Dapper, but one thing will never change, the hot and fresh mini doughnuts served up with a lot of love.

As our mission says, We want to show love to our customers, our team members and our community. We want every doughnut to create new memories and smiles.

For more information, visit https://thedapperdoughnut.com

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