Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Florida Hempfest 2019 welcomes Tanya Bailey as one of our official guest speakers for this year's event. Tanya will be presenting her story as part of the Veterans Panel.

Tanya Bailey

About Tanya Bailey

Tanya Bailey started her life as a business manager and owner prior to joining the Army at 32 years of age. After her 2008/2009 deployment, she suffered several injuries requiring a medical evacuation. She was stationed in Ft. Belvoir almost a year recovering and eventually becoming medically retired as a Corporal.

A 100% disabled Veteran, Tanya saw the need for change in the way Veterans are treated. This is after years of being on 32 medicines, home-bound and confined to a wheel chair.

A medical refugee like many others, Tanya has made Florida her home. Cannabis made Tanya much healthier and she no longer uses a wheelchair daily.

Meeting with FLCAN Tanya found her voice. She is now on the leadership team at FLCAN and on the Council. Under FLCAN Tanya is working on the Veteran committee called 100kstrong.net. It is Tanya’s hope that all the Veteran groups can work together on Veteran issues in Tallahassee and in DC as well.

Tanya, and her friend Krickett, started the show 2 Broke Vets because of their love of education and advocacy.

Krickett Crawford

About Krickett Crawford

Krickett Crawford served in the US Army as a combat medic. She medically retired as a Corporal. After sustaining many injuries requiring multiple surgeries, she found herself on way to taking too many prescriptions medications.

Having received sub par care before her retirement, she was wheel chair bound and home-bound. While at a Super Con, Krickett met Linda Blair, whom told her the benefits of using MMJ.

“When the exorcist lady tell you to smoke a joint you smoke a joint.” Krickett often says.

When Tanya and Krickett started 2 Broke Vets they wanted to educate other patients and to advocate for Veterans. They became involved in FLCAN, and today, Krickett is on the leadership team and 100kstrong.net Veteran committee.

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