Florida Hempfest 2019 welcomes Elizabeth Hayes as one of our official guest speakers for this year's event. Elizabeth will be presenting on the Patient Panel.

Elizabeth Hayes

About Elizabeth Hayes

Elizabeth Hayes, RN, Director of Compassionate Care Nursing Services and Co-Founder of Florida Cannabis Nursing Association was working as an Oncology Nurse when she suddenly found herself unable to walk. 90% of her small nerve fibers were destroyed by an unknown cause.

She struggled for several years unable to walk unassisted and having to crawl upstairs. Traditional pharmaceuticals gave her life-shortening side effects and her world was turned upside down.

After much reluctance and at the encouraging of a family member, she began to look into medical cannabis and hemp. As a nurse educator and patient she was increasingly frustrated at the lack of accurate medical information and support for patients. She finally found a knowledgeable prescribing doctor, joined the American Cannabis Nursing Association, obtained a legal medical card, and began to educate herself as much as possible on the true medical benefits of this amazing plant that has been used for centuries to heal.

Elizabeth no longer needs her cane and not only can walk upstairs but she is back to dancing and daring to dream. She has left working in the hospital setting, and through her business Compassionate Care Nursing Services, she helps fellow patients, other medical professionals, and the greater community understand the true medical benefits of all types of cannabis through education and advocacy. 

She is passionate about the need to break the stigmas surrounding this plant, hopes that all of you will fight in your given communities to get cannabis out of its Schedule 1 drug classification, and if a patient will proudly stand up and say, “I am the face of cannabis.”

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