Florida Hempfest 2019 welcomes Billy Rennalls as one of our official guest speakers for this year's event and Hemp Panel.

Billy Rennalls

About Billy Rennalls

Known as Billy to his friends, William J. Rennalls is the embodiment of what a Cannabis Expert and Consultant should be. Mr. Rennalls has experience in the Cannabis Markets of the Caribbean, the United States, and Canada. Born and raised on the island of Jamaica, Billy had intimate knowledge of agriculture and horticulture from an early age. He had an aptitude for science, specifically the mechanics of how things work and how to optimize plant growth.

At the young age of 16, he graduated from Campion College and went on to explore the world, starting with attending the University of Western Ontario. His college experience led him to a period of self-reflection and exploration of his beliefs. Billy felt drawn to the tenets of the Rastafarian faith. Billy returned to Jamaica with a Canadian education, his head adorned with dreadlocks, and ready to begin an intellectual and spiritual journey. He encountered much prejudice and discrimination because of his choice to become a Rasta. Despite the difficulty finding a job or an opportunity to use his skills and education, Billy found solace in the Rastafarian Community that embraced him. He embarked on a learning excursion at a self-determined pace, flanked by many Rastafarian teachers and returned to one of his first loves, which was agriculture.

As he learned more about plants and delved into apiculture, he saw comparisons between plants, bees, and humans. He explored the origins of many natural remedies and found the Cannabis Plant had a significant amount of healing benefits. This discovery ignited a thirst for knowledge which caused him to read everything that he could and ultimately, he grew ganja while conducting his own research experiments. He became a legalization activist and influencer but had to identify a way to generate revenue to fund his living expenses and his research.

Billy was one of the partners in the first front loader waste removal companies on the island, which became a hugely successful company. He would tell people that he was the “Mighty Garbage Man” and lived and slept garbage. After several years, he diversified his pursuits by entering the waste-water management in scrap metal and the oil business, while designing various waste to energy proposals for various governments.

His love of agriculture, nature and his knowledge of waste management/ energy creation came together in his vision to create a zero-waste environment through raising awareness around the various uses for waste and biomass.

Mr. Rennalls is currently CEO for Emerald Waste Industries Masterlube and Lubehaus Distributors. He is the LATAM Director for International Commodities Management Consultants Corp, Director of Aquatic Solutions and Innovations and Vice President of Business Development for several projects with the EOP Foundations Medical Cannabinoid Research and Policy Institute. He also serves as Director of Canna Headhunters and has recently joined the faculty of Cloverleaf University as a Cannabis Cultivation Instructor.

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